Looking for a Realtor?  You’ve come to the right place.

Real estate is not a perfect science, there are variables.  An experienced Realtor will improve your odds for success, but more is needed. Confidence, Communication, Follow Through, Negotiation Skills, Patience, and Respect From Other Realtors.

You and your Realtor form a mini partnership.  You should feel comfortable working together.  Your Realtor should listen to your needs and look out for your best interest.  The commission should be secondary.

Is the Realtor more of a listing agent, having lots of homes on the market?  If so, how much time can they devote to your home search?

Is the Realtor newly licensed, or works more with home buyers?  If so, will they know how to market your home and maximize the selling price? 

Does the Realtor know the area, understand remodels, home efficiency, floorplans and resale potential? 

Buying and selling real estate is a big deal.  Its impact financially and in relation to quality of life is more than most realize.  So when choosing a Realtor, choose wisely. 


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