Live in Luxury and Create Wealth with Your Home!

Glenn Mendell, Real Estate Broker
Since 1988


When I bought my first property in 1985, my goal was to have a home with no common walls and a yard.  To me this was luxury but when it came time to sell, the only way to create wealth from that home was to remodel it.  The plan worked and the strategy has remained for over 50 homes I have owned, 25 being remodels.  Whether it was my family home or a fix & flip, it was going to be a great place to live with high resale value. 


Since 1988, this focus has been shared with over 1,200 of my real estate clients.  


Luxury & Wealth with your home can be achieved in three ways.  1) When you buy, making sure the location is what you want, the resale can stand up in a down market, and the home is either turn-key to meet your needs, or has the bones to become that.  2) Remodeling your existing home so it becomes what you want, while doing it in a way that improves value.  3) When selling, a preparation process that maximizes your home’s appeal.  Timing the market and a customized marketing plan.



  • Servicing the Tri Valley & surrounding East Bay communities. 

  • Owner/Operator of Fox Real Estate 1995-2019. 

  • Owner/Operator of Fox Financial, Fox Property Management & RamWest Development   

  • Represented over 1,200 clients to buy or sell real estate, brokered over 2,000.

  • ABR Designation – Accredited Buyer Representative.  Representing home buyers is more than simply writing up an offer.  Complete buyer representation focuses on their best interest as a start.  My experience with home remodels and resale value is an added benefit.

  • CRS Designation – Certified Residential Specialist.  Considered the highest designation in real estate.  A Realtor must successfully complete a large number of home sales and take the courses.  This can take up to five years and provides clients with a seasoned pro. 

  • E-Pro Designation – Digital Marketing & Client Data Security.  Social media marketing and confidential client information is very important in this day and age.   

  • SRS Designation – Seller Representative Specialist.  Representing home sellers is more than placing a home on the MLS.  My experience with the home prep process, as well as working with buyers, improves the odds for success.

  • Bay Area Native.  Patient with clients.  No Pressure to buy or sell.   

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