Four Decades of Real Estate

In 2014 I wrote my first real estate book, using many of the same examples when teaching real estate. In 2015 I wrote my second, geared more towards experienced agents and investors.  

I play handball three times a week, I still own and manage Fox Real Estate, and helping people buy and sell real estate is what I enjoy most.  

My introduction to real estate began with my family's real estate business that spanned from the 1960's through the 1970's. I cleaned, hauled and did roof work on rental homes, and was fortunate to learn the nuances of buying and selling real estate. Each time a rental was bought or sold, I was included in the process.  From the side of the client, I learned why some agents were more helpful than others. 

In 1985, and shortly after college, I bought my first home, a fixer upper. After spending a year fixing it up, I was able to sell it and buy two more properties with the proceeds.

For the next ten years, I bought, fixed up and sold homes in my spare time while working as a full time Realtor. I worked for California's largest real estate brokerage, until they were sold to Coldwell Banker.

In 1995 I founded Fox Real Estate. We offered a choice between traditional representation and client participation plans. The goal was to offer only as much help as the client needed, encouraging their involvement. Clients could learn the process of buying and selling, and often save on fees.

Over twenty years later, Fox Real Estate is going strong. Over two thousand customers have used the company and the Better Business Bureau awarded the company for 15 consecutive years of complaint-free service. Property management was also added, providing service for real estate investors.